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Lightning Node Management for Android

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Unmatched Privacy Protection

100% Self-Custodial with ZERO data collection - We don’t even know you’re using our app!

BitBanana shields you from potential personal information leaks by providing alerts prior to engaging in any actions that may pose privacy risks.

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No Fees.
Now and Forever.

The only fees you pay are to the Bitcoin network. BitBanana won’t charge you a single sat now or in the future.

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Intuitive Contact Management Tools

Remembering pubkeys? Ain’t nobody got time for that! We use Avathor to create unique avatar images for nodes on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

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Feature Overview


  • Connect to remote lightning nodes (LND only supported right now)
  • Available in many languages
  • Explanations and help across the app
  • And of course, BitBanana is Bitcoin only!

Node Management

  • Use your node as a wallet wherever you are
  • Manage multiple nodes
  • Channel management
  • Routing summary


  • 100% free, no BitBanana fees
  • Send & receive on-chain and off-chain
  • Contacts (with avatars)
  • Send funds to Lightning Addresses
  • Send funds without an invoice (keysend)
  • NFC support
  • Transaction filters
  • BTC, mBTC, bit & Satoshi units
  • Fiat currency prices
  • Support for SegWit & Taproot
  • Sign / Verify
  • LNURL support (pay, withdraw & channel)

Security & Privacy

  • 100% Self-Custodial
  • 100% Open Source code with reproducible releases
  • ZERO data collection
  • Available on F-Droid
  • Tor support
  • PIN protected access
  • Scrambled PIN by default
  • User guardian system
  • Protection against screen recording
  • Hide total balance